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Total Data Protection Solutions for the Mid-market

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backup, archiving, and disaster recovery

Virtual Backup Software

Protect Your Virtual and Physical Servers with Software Only

Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software is built specifically for your virtual environment. Organizations are virtualizing to save costs, improve performance, and reduce downtime. If your backup isn’t built for virtualization – you’re losing time and money, and putting your data at risk. Eversync Virtual Backup Software provides simple and affordable enterprise class backup and recovery of virtualized applications and data. Best of all, it also backs up your physical servers and applications! It unifies backup and disaster recovery in a single solution, increases the value of backup, and reinvents data protection.

Eversync Rated “Excellent” by DCIG

Eversync was rated “Excellent” by analyst group DCIG in their 2013 Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide, beating out Acronis, Dell AppAssure, Dell vRanger, PHD Virtual, and Veeam. Download the Buyer’s Guide now.

See the blog entry from DCIG, Virtual Backup Appliances Get a Personality in Eversync 5.1.

Download the free version of Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software and use it to protect 2 TB of data.

Built for Virtualization

Eversync Virtual Backup Software combines agentless backup of virtual machines with agent-based backup of physical servers to provide fast backup and recovery regardless of virtual platform, OS, or type of storage. With one web and mobile management interface, you can protect your entire virtual and physical infrastructure with industry-leading enterprise class features such as:

  • SSD enhanced deduplication that is 2X as efficient as other virtual backup software products
  • Granular restores for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint
  • Enterprise class performance with up to 1.4 TB/hr sustained backup and restore speeds
  • Bare Metal Restore for physical servers
  • Enterprise class replication with support for any site to site and remote office configurations
  • Comprehensive support for all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and a host of other physical server operating systems
  • Backs up Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines
  • Anytime, anywhere management with our web and mobile app interfaces

The Most Affordable Pricing

Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software is priced simply and affordably.

Version Price Raw Capacity/Licensing Service
Basic Edition free (download it now) 2 TB includes 1 year of service (online only)
Enterprise Edition call for pricing 1 socket (1-12 cores) includes 1 year of service

* Note that the effective capacity you can expect to receive with the free version of the software is up to a 10X space savings that results from deduplication, or up to 20 TB. Effective capacity is also dependent upon the types of data you are backing up (text versus graphics), and other factors, such as how much of your data is on virtual servers versus physical servers.

If you are looking for an all-in-one appliance that includes all the hardware and software you need to protect up to 176 TB of data, take a look at our backup appliances. Also see our product overview. For a complete list of product specifications of both our Virtual Backup Software and backup appliances, see the product spec sheet. For more information about our Virtual Backup Software, see frequently asked questions about our Virtual Backup Software.

Award Winning Solution Outperforms Veeam!

We beat the competition! In a recent analyst review of mid-market virtual backup appliances, Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software outranked all of the popular virtual backup solutions. In benchmark comparisons of key metrics, Eversync Virtual Backup Software outperforms Veeam on every metric, including deduplication storage efficiency, backup and restore sustained performance, and system resource usage. See the application note.

Free Software Download

Download the free version of Eversync’s Virtual Backup Software and use it to protect 2 TB of data.

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